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The flagship model of the 2021 line. The most powerful and functional track with a perfect shock absorption system.
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User weight
3,5 h.p
Motor power
20 km/h
Max. speed
140 cm 51 cm
Canvas size
15 %
Angle of inclination
128 cm

Maximum power and comfort

Photo of a treadmill Orlauf Fitness Star - side view
High-tech, durable and comfortable treadmill Star It is the jewel of our product line in 2023. The model is designed for regular workouts of any intensity.

The track is suitable for all users c weighing up to 150 kg, regardless of the complexion. Spacious running canvas 140 x 51 sm is suitable even for very fast running — up to 20 km/h. The most advanced shock absorption system that we have at our disposal is responsible for the comfort and safety of users — Elastizität™.

For effective training, the track is equipped with a heavy-duty motor and an electronic tilt angle change of up to 15%.
Photo of a treadmill Orlauf Fitness Star - side view
Advantages and features Star
All characteristics of the treadmill

What can it boast of Star

Treadmill Engine Orlauf Star

Engine MaxiKraft with a capacity of 3.5 hp.

Treadmill Engine Orlauf Star
In the heart Star we have installed a powerful and modern engine MaxiKraft with a power of 3.5 hp, it provides smooth movement of the canvas in the speed range from 0.8 to 20 km./tsch.

The motor is designed for daily intensive training and does not experience overloads even with the user's weight close to the maximum calculated — 150 kg.

Despite the excess power, the engine runs silently. And a semi-automatic lubrication system is responsible for extending the service life of the motor, in addition to intelligent settings and power reserve Milderund™. Thanks to it, the load on the engine is significantly reduced, since it drives an always lubricated canvas.

depreciation Elastizität™ and security

Treadmill cushioning system Orlauf Fitness Star
Depreciation system Elastizität™ designed specifically for the capabilities of the track. It confidently absorbs and extinguishes the shock loads that the joints and spine are exposed to during high-intensity training. Even if you are an experienced user with a large mass, Star it is able to provide you with the safest possible home cardio training.

Elastizität™ it consists of three key elements that continuously interact with each other and form a single ensemble of the most modern depreciation system:
  • 8 cylindrical elastomers of increased springiness
  • 4 shock-absorbing super pads between the frame and deck
  • 2 cylindrical elastomers with springs on the legs
The treadmill is made of ultra-tenacious and wear-resistant material SchrittBind™ with anti-slip tread pattern. Due to this, the risk of slipping and injury is eliminated during training.
Treadmill cushioning system Orlauf Fitness Star
Console and multimedia capabilities of the treadmill Orlauf Fitness Star

Computer, management and capabilities

Console and multimedia capabilities of the treadmill Orlauf Fitness Star
  • The management of the console is intuitive, all the necessary indicators are displayed on the screen, updated in real time
  • The control keys on the case and console, all inscriptions and pointers are Russified
  • The software package includes 12 training modes and a fat analyzer
  • The simulator console has built-in speakers, using aux-cable (3.5 jack) they can be connected to a smartphone or tablet and enjoy your favorite music during workouts. Moreover, the playlist control keys are placed on the console separately!
  • Added to the console USB-a connector to recharge your gadgets while you exercise
  • The handrails are equipped with duplicate hot keys to control the speed and angle of inclination
  • It is possible to connect a wireless cardiopoyas Polar™

Semi-automatic lubrication system

Semi-automatic Treadmill Lubrication Refueling System Orlauf Fitness Star
Milderund™ — innovative lubrication system for the engine and the blade. With its help, regular maintenance of the track takes only a few seconds and significantly extends the service life of the simulator.

Thanks to Milderund™ to maintain the track, you do not have to disassemble the simulator and dismantle individual parts of the frame and housing. Just use the filler neck placed on the body to pour the lubricant, and then the hydraulic system will distribute it along the pipes to the track nodes in need of care.
Semi-automatic Treadmill Lubrication Refueling System Orlauf Fitness Star
Electronic system for adjusting the angle of inclination of the treadmill web Orlauf Fitness Star

Electronic tilt angle adjustment

Electronic system for adjusting the angle of inclination of the treadmill web Orlauf Fitness Star
Track Star equipped with an electronic tilt angle adjustment system. This means that you will be able to control the position of the treadmill right during the workout without interrupting it. The angle is changed using the keys on the console and additional hot keys on the handrail.

The maximum possible angle of inclination is 15%, which allows you to significantly increase the load without changing the speed. In order to change the position of the soundboard during training without jerks, the back of the track is equipped with heavy-duty and soft polyurethane wheels.

Large size in duet with maneuverability

Maneuverable treadmill wheels Orlauf Fitness Star
Star— heavy and large in size simulator, offering users a spacious treadmill. But at the same time, we have introduced nuances into the design that preserve the maneuverability and ease of handling inherent in the class of home tracks.

Unlike other models, the transport rollers of the simulator are placed under the front part of the frame. The rear part of the track is equipped with additional maneuverable wheels that allow you to easily turn the simulator around its axis.

With the help of these design features, even a fragile girl will place the overall track as it is convenient for her, and will be able to easily move the simulator around the room or house without making significant efforts.
Maneuverable treadmill wheels Orlauf Fitness Star

All features Star

Max. user weight
150 kg
MaxiKraft – 3,5 L.S.
Dimensions of the treadmill
140 x 51 cm
Running cloth material
SchrittBind™ – ultra-tenacious, anti-slip tread pattern
The speed range of the treadmill
0,8 — 20 km/ч
Depreciation system
Elastizität™ – 8 cylindrical elastomers, 4 shock-absorbing super pillows and 2 large elastomers with springs on the legs
Tilt angle adjustment system
Electronic, without interruption of training
Possible position of the tilt angle
0 — 15 %
Console with LCD-display
Russification of control panel keys
Number of training programs
12 – approved Humboldt University zu Berlin
Pulse measurement
Sensory heart sensors + wireless receiver Polar™
AUX-input and built-in speakers
Audio Player Management
USB-connector for charging devices
Semi-automatic lubrication refueling Milderund™
Additional maneuverable wheels
Folded dimensions
128 cm
87 cm
148 cm
Dimensions in unfolded form
179 cm
87 cm
148 cm
Net weight
80 kg
Gross weight
92 kg
Dimensions of the shipping package
190 x 90 x 43 cm
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