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This page provides information that will help you get to know us, our history and philosophy.

Orlauf Fitness — four lines of cardio equipment for the home. We produce treadmills, ellipsoids, exercise bikes and rowing machines for safe and functional training.

Philosophy Brand Orlauf

It is important for us that sport brings pleasure and results, but not injuries. Therefore, we always emphasize focus on the safety and best biomechanics of cardio equipment.

Orlauf Fitness — these are four lines of home exercise equipment for the home: treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical and rowing machines. The assortment is designed to cover all price segments and take into account different needs customers. We change according to the wishes of users and improve technologies, so we are constantly we are updating the model range.

In all treadmills Orlauf the most effective depreciation system has been installed, which perfectly extinguishes the impact load. The exercise bikes have flexible adjustments and a reliable pedal assembly. Elliptical simulators the series offers comfortable ergonomic movement of the pedals and the location of the handrails. Rowing simulators take into account everything for effective workouts for the whole body.

We took into account the needs of users and made high-quality technological simulators with a pleasant design. They will help to get your body in shape and improve your health!

3 the main facts about each brand line
treadmills exercise bikes ellipsoids rowing machines
3 the main facts about each brand line
Shock absorption — reliable protection of joints
The shock absorption system is designed individually for each track, taking into account the maximum speed and load. The shock absorption includes elements of different stiffness, they are arranged so that there is no «blind zones».
Perfect grip on the treadmill
The thickness of the treadmills in our tracks is greater than the base for long-term service. For reliable grip with sneakers on the canvas have an anti-slip protector.
Concise design and practicality
We decided that in treadmills Orlauf there will be only useful functions: no unnecessary details, programs and bulky plastic consoles. We are proud of the concise design of our simulators.
Adjustments for comfortable activities
Exercise bikes have vertical and horizontal saddle adjustments, as well as steering wheel settings by departure angle. Due to this, our models will suit people of different height and build.
Reliable three-piece connecting rod
The exercise bikes have a pedal assembly with a three-piece connecting rod. This ensures the most reliable and a long-lasting system. If one part of the node fails, it will not have to be changed entirely.
Heavy flywheel
We install heavy flywheels in all models so that the movement of the pedals is as smooth as possible, and the load is suitable for users with different levels of athletic training.
The correct trajectory of movement
Ellipsoids are designed so that the movement of the pedals is the most natural and ergonomic. Thanks to the thoughtful design, the models are suitable for long-term workouts of any intensity.
Maximum possibilities
We believe that the money invested in the simulator should fully pay off. Therefore , we do the most functional simulators in their price category. We are proud that we can offer more than others!
Smooth pedal running
The thoughtful design and heavy flywheel make the pedal movements smooth, without jerks and dips. Your workouts will benefit without the slightest discomfort.
Ergonomics and comfort

Rowing simulators involve almost the entire body. In models Orlauf everything is taken into account for the right body positions — the shape of the seat, the width and angle of the pedals, the shape of the steering wheel and the loading system.

Reliable, well-thought-out design

We have thought out rowing simulators so that they remain stable even under high-intensity conditions training sessions. The reinforced frame and wide supports make our models unshakable!

For proper loads
We have focused on the water loading system. It allows you to simulate movements and loads most accurately with real rowing.
treadmills exercise bikes ellipsoids rowing machines
Where and how is it produced Orlauf Fitness
Orlauf he started his production with 30 treadmills per month. But now everything has changed! Read our story.
2023 - 2011
We have once again radically revised the product lines, customer demand and requirements for modern simulators. We have updated the staff of designers and technicians, revised our experience and technologies to offer the best modern exercise equipment.
In October 2020, we started developing new, rethought lines of cardio equipment. To implement the ideas, we needed to review our relations with suppliers and modify equipment.
Since November 2018, we have organized a factory Orlauf Fitness in Guangzhou, China. We have moved not only the equipment, but also the high quality standards adopted by us in Leipzig. The transfer of production allowed reduce the cost of tracks up to 2.5 times, depending on the model.
In 2017, we decided that it was time to expand our understanding of the production of cardio equipment. And refused from «Hergestellt in Deutschland», that is, production exclusively in Germany.
Back in 2016, we understood that it was necessary to radically change the approach to creating simulators and expand the range. It's time to look for new technologies and production sites that will reduce the cost of the simulator for the buyer.
We have developed the first drawings of treadmills and launched production. During the year, we conducted tests and selected the most reliable, comfortable and safe treadmills for home workouts.
Orlauf Fitness with respect and love

We have developed four lines of cardio equipment, which include models for different purposes. Clear understanding tasks each simulator allows us to offer models without unnecessary options or insufficient functionality.

Team Orlauf always in touch! Ask questions and share your impressions. It is important for us to know what you think and want.

With respect and love, the team Orlauf Fitness
(28 lovers in the cause of hearts).