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Orlauf Fitness — gym machines for the house, and nothing else

We turn home sports into fun with the help of modern technologies. Find out the latest information about us and our simulators.

Orlauf Fitness — exercise machines for home, and nothing else

>We turn home sports into fun with the help of modern technologies. Find out the latest information about us and our simulators.
24 models
— fully updated simulators are included in the line Orlauf Fitness 2023. We have reduced the model range from 38 to 24 simulators in order to clearly separate the offer and the price segment.
391 modification
— the simulators of the new line have been rethought to make sports even safer and more comfortable. We have modified the components, mechanisms, depreciation system and software — almost 400 changes.
24 months
— standard international warranty period for simulators Orlauf. It is valid when buying equipment from an authorized dealer or when ordering using the official website of the brand.
360 €
— the price of the most affordable track in the line — Waldo. Its cost is 23% lower than tracks with the same functionality from other manufacturers (according to the study Labor für digitale Angelegenheiten, 8 January 2021).
28 hearts
— so many people in the team Orlauf Fitness he works hard to improve the simulators. And each of our hearts is filled with devotion and respect for our work.
1 love
— we specialize only in home simulators, so we are well versed in them. We know how to improve the quality, but at the same time keep the cost of models at an affordable level.
A beautiful toned body is the result of long hard work. Others see only the tip of the iceberg. But we know that this is a difficult work on ourselves, so we create effective simulators and reveal all the possibilities of running.
The focus on one product allows us to make running accessible to everyone. For some, running is a hobby that is pleasant to do on weekends. And for someone — an integral part of every day.

We take into account the goals of different users: in our current line there are treadmills from the simplest and most reliable Shrike to maintain the shape up to Star, designed for intensive training with increased comfort. But the approach to each of the models is unchanged — we test different systems, mechanisms, soundboards and electronics and select the most interesting and reliable solutions for production in a series.
We know that running, first of all, should be safe. Tracks Orlauf they guarantee the health of the knees and joints. Elastomers are able to absorb up to 40% shock load. And with the right running technique, the risk of injury and discomfort are reduced to zero.

Safety. Comfort. Functionality. We took into account the needs of modern users and made technological treadmills of high quality and with a pleasant design. In addition, all tracks of the brand have a convenient and fast folding system, so that not only running, but also storage is comfortable.

9 reasons to choose our treadmills

Resistant two-layer frame painting
To protect the frame, we use high-quality powder paint. It is applied in two layers and reliably protects the frame of the simulator from scratches, chips and corrosion, even if you place the track on the balcony!
Management in a clear language
We want to speak the same language with you. Therefore, for large sales markets, our tracks undergo linguistic adaptation. For the Russian market, this means that the designation of the console and case control keys are translated into Russian.
Concise design and practicality
We wanted the treadmills to Orlauf there were not only unnecessary functions, but also unnecessary details in the design and bulky plastic consoles.We are proud of the concise design of our simulators.
Depreciation — run like a cloud
Even in the design of the youngest compact model Shrike, designed mainly for light running and walking, you will discover interesting cushioning solutions.

But our real pride is the systems dasKissen™, Schielder™ and finally the most perfect — Elastizität™, consisting of 4 shock-absorbing super-pillows, 8 main cylindrical elastomers and 2 additional ones with springs on the legs.

Perhaps, in matters of safety and comfort of training, we can really be called obsessed with the desire to create engineering masterpieces.
Always 100% cclinging to the treadmill
Absolutely all tracks of the current model range received a new running cloth made of modern wear-resistant material SchrittBind™.

The material is designed for long-term preservation of its original appearance and coupling properties. Even if all members of your family will train daily with the help of tracks Orlauf, the canvas will look like new.

Main Feature SchrittBind™ — 100% the grip of the sole of the shoe and the surface of the canvas even during a fast run at a speed of up to 20 km/h due to the anti-slip tread pattern.
Effective training programs
In order for users to achieve good results even without having special knowledge, we have improved training programs for the updated line.

Our engineers and developers have attracted not only famous fitness trainers, but also professional runners for short and long distances to develop new ultra-productive modes. And it turned out to be a great idea!

As a result, all the training modes included in the software Orlauf Fitness, received unequivocal approval from the board Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.
system Milderund™
This year we have introduced the long-awaited semi-automatic track refueling system with grease Milderund™.

Now, in order to service the simulator, you do not need to disassemble it and dismantle parts of the case. Fill the lubricant with a filler neck, and then the system itself will distribute it through the pipes.

Using opportunities Milderund™ significantly extend the service life of your track and allow the engine to always work with a reduced load!
25 000 folding cycles
We have provided all our simulators with a practical and easy-to-handle folding system.

This was necessary, because most often our tracks are bought for home training to an apartment in a cramped space. And what is very important, at the same time we managed to achieve incredible reliability — the mechanisms of folding tracks Orlauf designed for 25,000 cycles.

This means that for 34 years you will be able to fold and disassemble your simulator twice a day without any problems!
Ergonomics in detail
We have taken into account everything you need for a comfortable workout.

LCD-the display of the track console, which displays all the training indicators, has excellent readability. The handrails of all models are equipped with hot keys that are responsible for the most necessary settings.

Built-in speakers, AUX-login and USB-the connector for charging a smartphone — all these options that are important for our users have been worked out in detail and implemented by us.

We keep in touch with customers to understand their desires and how they change. Perhaps we have learned to anticipate your dreams!

Men or women?

Junior and middle simulators of our line are most often purchased by women. They are interested in models for walking or light running. Men choose multifunctional tracks of the flagship series, designed for intensive training and designed for users with a lot of weight.

What age groups do users have Orlauf?

Sports simulators Orlauf they are almost equally popular with people of different ages. This means that we were able to create models for all types and levels of load.
36-50 years
26-35 years
51+ year
18-25 years

For what purpose do they buy our simulators?

We were pleasantly surprised to learn about all the popular purposes of buying products Orlauf Fitness. Someone chooses our brand to maintain light motor activity weekly without leaving home. Other users using sports equipment Orlauf they easily achieve their main goals — losing weight and creating a beautiful toned body. But a special sign of trust for us is simulators bought as a gift for the closest ones.
Weight loss / weight loss
intensive training
Maintaining physical activity
A gift to your loved ones
Recovery from injuries

For an apartment or a spacious house?

Our simulators are most often bought for an apartment, so we needed to develop a compact and user-friendly folding system. And we did it! The length of our smallest track Shrike when folded, it is only 56 centimeters!
Country house
Orlauf he started his production with 30 treadmills per month. But now everything has changed!

Still at 2016 a year ago we realized that it was necessary to radically change the approach to creating treadmills. It's time to look for new technologies and production sites that will reduce the cost of the simulator for the buyer.

In 2017 the year we abandoned the class tracks «Hergestellt in Deutschland», that is, produced exclusively in Germany.
With November 2018 year we have organized a branded factory Orlauf Fitness in Guangzhou, China. We have transferred not only the equipment, but also the high quality standards adopted by us in Leipzig. The transfer of production allowed to reduce the cost of tracks up to 2.5 times, depending on the models.

In October 2020 years ago we started developing a new, completely rethought series of simulators. We have added elliptical trainers and exercise bikes to the list of equipment. To implement our ideas, we needed to review our relationships with suppliers and modify production equipment.
38 suppliers
— they provide our production. In order to use advanced technologies and place exclusive orders, we have to always be on the lookout for the best partners. But you can be sure that your simulator consists of technologically advanced and reliable nodes.
49 models
— we have released so many modifications of treadmills and other simulators in the entire history of the brand. Each of them brought us closer to the formula of the ideal simulator. And now we have been able to accumulate enough experience and knowledge to invest them in the best sports equipment from Orlauf.
12 steps
— quality and reliability checks are carried out by simulators Orlauf before I get to you. The control begins with a check of the supplied materials and ends with a robotic test drive of the assembled and ready-to-ship equipment to dealers.
Production in 2 shifts
— in the spring of 2020, at the height of the pandemic COVID-19, the demand for home exercise equipment worldwide has increased fourfold. To keep up with all the orders, we needed to increase the pace of production. And we coped with this task, maintaining the pace of a 16-hour working day for six months!

Our appeal to users Orlauf

And a few more words for those who have chosen our brand
Thank you for trusting Orlauf and choose our simulators! We have done everything to make home sports accessible to everyone and bring pleasure.

We have created a provocative line with a minimum of models. This is how cardio machines appeared, where there is nothing superfluous. You do not overpay for functions that you are not going to use, and you get only the most necessary.

We offered the best prices. A clear segmentation of models, the rejection of excess and the transfer of production to China helped significantly reduce costs without compromising quality.

We are confident in the quality and give extended guarantees. The minimum warranty period for our sports equipment for Russia is 24 months.

Team Orlauf Fitness always in touch! We are always ready for dialogue: ask questions, share your impressions and suggestions. It is important for us to know what you think and want.

With respect and love, success!
Team Orlauf Fitness (28 lovers in the cause of hearts).
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