Orlauf Snipe

color: BLACK
descr: A thin treadmill that takes into account everything for the best cardio!
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Maximum weight: 120 kg Maximum speed: 12 km/h Motor power: 2,5 L.S. The size of the treadmill: 120 x 42 cm Flat Number of programs: 15
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Quality and style

Orlauf Snipe — stylish and thoughtful treadmill with ultra-compact folding. This is a very thin model with great opportunities for effective home workouts. When folded , its thickness is only 13 see!

The treadmill is designed for users weighing up to 120 kg. It is designed for walking and light jogging. Maximum speed Orlauf Snipe12 km/h. On the track you can practice not only with the raised, but also with the lowered a handrail. Maximum speed with the console folded — 6 km/h.

Thanks to the traction motor power 2,5 L.S., the treadmill moves smoothly and without jerks at any speeds with maximum load.

The size of the treadmill — 120 x 42 cm. This is the optimal size for an ultra-compact track: when walking and running , do not I'll have to look at my feet.

Comfort and security

In order for cardio training to bring pleasure and benefit, an effective system is installed in the track depreciation.

It consists of 8 flat elastomers of increased size and 2 rubberized supports in central parts that they act as stiffeners.

The shock absorption system perfectly protects the joints and spine from shock load. Therefore , the training is different the intensity will be as comfortable and safe as possible.

An anti-slip pattern is applied to the treadmill, which provides excellent grip with sneakers and makes movements confident.

Treadmill track Orlauf Snipe
42 cm
Simple folding

Folded thickness Orlauf Snipe in total 13 cm — the track is almost invisible at home.

The simulator is very easy to fold, the process itself takes less than a minute.

When folded, the track can be stored both horizontally and vertically.

All the supports of the track are rubberized, which reduces the noise from training and protects the floor covering.

Compact folding of the track Orlauf Snipe
Outstanding engine 2,5 L.S.
Outstanding engine 2,5 L.S.

The treadmill has an engine with a power of 2,5 L.S. For an ultra-compact model, this is excellent power. Thanks to the motor, the treadmill moves smoothly and without jerks at any speed with maximum load.

Compared to other treadmills, the engine designed for Orlauf Snipe, significantly more traction. It provides a comfortable and safe workout.

Engine compartment of the track Orlauf Snipe
Simple management

Display Orlauf Snipe located on the hood in front of the treadmill. All indicators are displayed on the display training, the values are large and bright, so that they are easy to read.

The console has all the necessary control buttons, as well as convenient quick speed buttons. When the handrail is folded, a convenient remote control is provided for control.

Embedded 15 automatic programs for different purposes. They will do cardio workouts are as diverse as possible and effective.

Above the console there is a rubberized shelf for a smartphone. Thanks to the rubberized surface of the gadget securely fixed.

Track management system Orlauf Snipe
For comfortable training sessions

Orlauf Snipe — a real designer for comfortable workouts.

Practice on the track with the handrail raised at a speed of up to 12 km/h, or walk on the path with a folded handrail at a speed of up to 6 km/h.

Depending on the training style, you can lower the side handrails.

Thanks to the high console rack, it is convenient for even tall users to hold on to it.

look from all sides

Hold the cursor / touch on any area 3D-take a photo and move it to any side to view the product from all sides using the module Rundblick-360°.

Technical specifications
Maximum user weight
120 kg
2,5 L.S.
Dimensions of the treadmill
120 x 42 cm
Running cloth material
SchrittBind™ – ultra-tenacious, anti-slip tread pattern
Speed range
0,8 — 12 km/h
Depreciation system
8 cylindrical elastomers
console with LED-display
Russification of control panel keys
Number of training programs
Folded dimensions
153 cm
78 cm
13 cm
Dimensions of the shipping package
160 x 73 x 14 cm
Dimensions in unfolded form
146 cm
78 cm
126 cm
Net weight
36 kg
Gross weight
42 kg
24 month.
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