Orlauf Sirena

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descr: High quality home workouts in every detail
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Maximum weight: 120 kg Maximum speed: 14 km/h Motor power: 2,75 L.S. The size of the treadmill: 122 x 48 cm Ultra-compact Number of programs: 15
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Compactness and power

Orlauf Sirena — ultra-compact treadmill with high stability and unique system depreciation.

The model is designed for low- and medium-intensity workouts. Maximum user weight for a track — 120 kg.

Maximum speed — 14 km/h. Even when running at maximum speed, the track retains stability.

And the treadmill moves without jerks and hitches thanks to the engine power — 2,75 L.S.

Running canvas

The size of the treadmill — 122 x 48 cm. This is a wide canvas for the ultra-compact running class there are no tracks, so both walking and running will be comfortable and safe.

An anti-slip protector is provided on the canvas, which guarantees a reliable grip with the sole sneakers.

Treadmill track Orlauf Sirena
48 cm
System depreciation

The track has a shock absorption system, which includes elements of different stiffness and elasticity.

The system consists of 2 damping pillows in the central part, 2 flat elastomers In the front parts and 4 unique spherical elastomers.

Spherical elastomers do not dampen the load linearly, unlike standard shock absorbers. As well as their area There is more contact with the soundboard. Due to this, their efficiency is higher.

Additional shock absorbers are damping supports in the front and rear parts. As edges compensators for floor irregularities in the central part of the treadmill are used for stiffness.

Track damping system Orlauf Sirena
oriented for everyone
oriented for everyone

To read the pulse, you need to connect a wireless cardiopoyas Polar (sold separately).

The treadmill has a shelf for a smartphone and USB-input for charging it.

By Bluetooth You can synchronize the application FitShow on a smartphone with a track and track your workout statistics.

The Control Panel Orlauf Sirena
Diverse and effective

At Orlauf Sirena advanced software package. Installed 15 auto programs, designed for different goals and objectives, as well as for different levels of athletic training.

In addition to the main programs installed 2 pulse - dependent. They will help you calculate the most accurately The load is like this, to make it useful.

Console Orlauf Sirena
Safe home workouts
Safe domestic training

The treadmill is designed for medium-intensity workouts, so it was important to take everything into account for a comfortable and safe running.

  • At Orlauf Sirena wide running canvas, so as not to restrict movement.
  • Anti-slip pattern on the treadmill for confident running and walking.
  • Impressive shock absorption system.
  • High stability of the track when running.
Treadmill canvas Orlauf Sirena
Simple folding

At Orlauf Sirena one of the simplest folding systems: press the lever at the engine compartment and lower the rack.

The thickness of the track when folded is 28 cm . For vertical storage, the model has retractable stable supports.

look from all sides

Hold the cursor / touch on any area 3D-take a photo and move it to any side to view the product from all sides using the module Rundblick-360°.

Technical specifications
Maximum user weight
120 kg
2,75 L.S.
Dimensions of the treadmill
122 x 48 cm
Running cloth material
SchrittBind™ – ultra-tenacious, anti-slip tread pattern
Speed range
1,0 — 14 km/h
Depreciation system
2 pillows in the central part, 2 flat elastomer, 4 spherical elastomers, shock-absorbing supports in the back and front
console with LED-display
Number of training programs
15 and 2 pulse-dependent
Pulse measurement
the ability to connect a wireless cardiopoyas Polar
Additional functions
Connecting the application via Bluetooth
Connecting to the app FitShow
USB-connector for charging devices
Folded dimensions
28 cm
77 cm
149 cm
Dimensions of the shipping package
162 x 85 x 27 cm
Dimensions in unfolded form
149 cm
77 cm
121 cm
Net weight
47 kg
Gross weight
55 kg
24 month.
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