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descr: Ultra-compact treadmill with effective cushioning and anti-slip treadmill
price: 590
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Maximum weight: 130 kg Maximum speed: 12 km/h Motor power: 2,5 L.S. The size of the treadmill: 120 x 42 cm Ultra-compact Remote control
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The ultra-compact track with a simple folding system is designed for walking and easy running for users short and medium height. The maximum weight for which the simulator is designed — 130 kg.

At Orlauf Kite efficient and customizable depreciation that is good dampens the shock load on the spine and joints. Maximum treadmill speed — 12 km/h, this is enough to keep fit. So that the canvas moves evenly while walking and running, a reliable engine is installed Machtvoll capacity 2,5 L.S.

The size of the treadmill — 120 x 42 cm, this is the base size. The treadmill is thick enough, it serves for additional depreciation. It has an anti-slip pattern that makes workouts safe.

The track is easy to assemble. When folded , its height is only 27 cm . The angle of inclination in the simulator is not adjustable, which is due to the specifics of ultra-compact folding. Pulse sensors are also not provided.

Depreciation and security

In Orlauf Kite an effective depreciation system has been installed, which consists of 4 cylindrical elastomers and 6 spring blocks.

For additional shock protection a thick treadmill is installed on the load. Protective silicone caps are provided on the legs, creating a cushioning effect and protecting the floor covering.

The shock absorption system is designed so that the user can adjust its stiffness depending on the type loads - walking, light and fast running.

To do this, a mobile shock absorber is installed in the front part, which can be moved closer to the beginning of the canvas or to the center.

Treadmill track Orlauf Kite
42 cm
Management and opportunities
Management and opportunities

The management of the console is intuitive, all the necessary indicators are displayed on the screen, updated in in real time.

There are USB-connector for charging the gadget. There are quick speed control buttons on the console.

Treadmill Console Orlauf Kite
Ultra-compact folding

When folded, the height of the track is total 27 cm. The track can be stored both horizontally and vertically.

The simulator has a simple folding system that all users can handle. A rack with a console is necessary just fix it on the treadmill.

Semi-automatic lubrication system

Milderund™ — innovative lubrication system for the engine and the blade.

With its help , regular maintenance of the track takes only a few seconds and significantly extends the service life the simulator.

Thanks to Milderund™ to maintain the track, you do not have to dismantle individual parts of the frame and housing.

Just use the filler neck placed on the body to pour in the lubricant, and then the hydraulic the system will distribute it by pipes to the nodes in need of care.

Technical specifications
Maximum user weight
130 kg
Machtvoll – 2,5 L.S.
Dimensions of the treadmill
120 x 42 cm
Running cloth material
SchrittBind™ – ultra-tenacious, anti-slip tread pattern
Speed range
1 — 12 km/h
Depreciation system
FusSchwung™ – 4 cylindrical elastomers and 6 spring blocks
console with LED-display
Russification of control panel keys
Additional functions
Connecting music via Bluetooth
USB-connector for charging devices
Semi-automatic lubrication refueling Milderund™
Folded dimensions
151 cm
74 cm
27 cm
Dimensions of the shipping package
158 x 80 x 28 cm
Dimensions in unfolded form
151 cm
74 cm
124 cm
Net weight
42 kg
Gross weight
48 kg
24 month.
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