Orlauf Aquila M

color: BLACK
descr: An accessible treadmill with a spacious treadmill
price: 590
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Maximum weight: 130 kg Maximum speed: 14 km/h Motor power: 2,25 L.S. The size of the treadmill: 125 x 45 cm Folding Angle of inclination: 4 %
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Video review of the treadmill Orlauf Aquila M
only the right ones functions

Orlauf Aquila M — a treadmill with a reinforced frame and a fairly wide treadmill. This model it was designed so that only useful functions and no unnecessary ones remained in it. So it turned out to develop a functional, but affordable simulator for home cardio training.

The track is designed for users weighing up to 130 kg. It is suitable for walking and running medium intensity. Maximum track speed — 14 km/h.

To make running safe and comfortable, engineers have developed a shock absorption system Aura™, and also provided treadmill with anti-slip tread. The smooth movement of the treadmill is responsible for a powerful and reliable engine.

The track has an expanded software package in the latest line — 15 automatic modes for a variety of activities. The angle of inclination changes mechanically to 4 %. The function allows you to simulate walking uphill for more muscle strain.

High quality depreciation

A shock absorption system has been developed for the track Aura™, which consists of six cylindrical elastomers and four medium-sized shock-absorbing pillows.

The system is designed so that running is safe for joints and spine, while remaining comfortable. Shock absorption of medium stiffness is most comfortable.

It differs from soft in that there is no effect "running on sand", when the leg falls slightly.

Also, a thick soundboard and a treadmill with a thickness greater than the base one are responsible for safety. At the treadmill the canvas has an anti-slip protector, which does not allow you to twist your leg during training.

Treadmill depreciation Orlauf Aquila M
Engine 2,25 L.S.
Engine 2,25 L.S.

Kraftvoll — optimal in power and reliability motor, assembled and tuned exactly for user characteristics of this particular track.

Even at minimum speed provides uniform movement of the treadmill without jerks.

The maximum speed at which the engine is able to move the treadmill — 14 km/h.

Treadmill Engine Orlauf Aquila M
Management and opportunities

The management of the console is intuitive, all the necessary indicators are displayed on the screen, updated in real time.

The software package includes 15 training modes and a fat analyzer. The control keys, all inscriptions and pointers on the console are Russified.

Treadmill control system Orlauf Aquila M
look from all sides

Hold the cursor / touch on any area 3D-take a photo and move it to any side to view the product from all sides using the module Rundblick-360°.

Technical specifications
Maximum user weight
130 kg
Kraftvoll – 2,25 L.S.
Dimensions of the treadmill
125 x 45 cm
Running cloth material
SchrittBind™ – ultra-tenacious, anti-slip tread pattern
Speed range
0,8 — 14 km/h
Depreciation system
Aura™ – 6 cylindrical elastomers and 4 shock-absorbing pillows
Tilt angle adjustment system
Possible position of the tilt angle
0 - 4 %
console with LCD-display
Russification of control panel keys
Number of training programs
15 (approved Humboldt University zu Berlin)
Pulse measurement
sensory heart sensors
Folded dimensions
86 cm
72 cm
137 cm
Dimensions of the shipping package
165 x 75 x 26 cm
Dimensions in unfolded form
154 cm
72 cm
127 cm
Net weight
45 kg
Gross weight
53 kg
24 month.
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