Orlauf Lark

color: BLACK
descr: Spin bike for effective training
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Technical specifications
Maximum weight: 130 kg Flywheel weight: 18 kg Loading system: magnetic Load levels: stepless Dimensions: 119 x 55 x 116 cm Vertical landing
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Training no restrictions

Orlauf Lark — a spin bike with a very heavy flywheel and flexible settings for high-intensity training. The simulator is designed so that there are practically no restrictions on the load and variability of training.

A very heavy flywheel is installed in the cycle — 18 kg. Due to this, he has a great smooth running and very a large maximum load for explosive cardio workouts.

Load adjustment in Orlauf Lark stepless. That is , everyone the user will be able to select the appropriate load without restrictions. A washer is provided to adjust the load: twist it to zoom in or out load, and for an emergency stop, click on it.

Due to the reinforced strong frame on the bike, you can train both sitting and standing. That is, you can include in the work the whole body. At the same time, the simulator will not lose stability.

Very heavy flywheel

Flywheel weight — 18 kg. The heavy flywheel provides a large maximum the load for training is high intensity. And also thanks to the flywheel, there are no failures in the movement of the pedals, that is, training as much as possible comfortable.

Due to stepless resistance adjustment in Orlauf Lark practically unlimited quantity load levels. That is, everyone will find a suitable load for themselves, and there is also the possibility of very gradually increase the load.

Spin bike flywheel Orlauf Lark
Reliable pedal assembly

A reliable three-component pedal assembly is installed in the cycle. It withstands frequent high-altitude workouts intensity and does not break.

Pedal system Toe Clips securely fixes and holds the leg, and also allows not only to press with your foot on the pedal, but also lift it due to the tight fixation of the pedal to the foot.

Console for tracking results

The spin bike console runs on batteries, training management is very simple. It displays the main training indicators. Touch sensors are installed to read the pulse.

A shelf for a smartphone is provided above the display. And on the steering rack there is a stand for a bottle with with water.

Adjustments the simulator
Adjustments the simulator

Orlauf Lark it can be configured for users of different height, build and training style:

  • The seat is adjustable in height and horizontally, that is, closer and further from the steering wheel.
  • The steering rack is adjustable in height.
  • Multi-position steering wheel. Thanks to this, you can hold on to it with a different grip. Including in the highway position, like on a bicycle.
Spin bike seat Orlauf Lark
Technical specifications
Max user weight
130 kg
Loading system
Flywheel weight
Number of load levels
stepless system
Tilt steering wheel adjustments
Vertical seat adjustment
Horizontal seat adjustment
Pedal assembly
three - component
Additional functions
Floor unevenness compensators
Transport rollers
Dimensions in working condition
119 cm
55 cm
116 cm
Net weight
32 kg
Gross weight
36 kg
Dimensions of the shipping package
99 x 20 x 78 cm
24 month.
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