Orlauf Echo

color: BLACK / WHITE
descr: Stylish exercise bike with a very heavy flywheel
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Technical specifications
Maximum weight: 150 kg Flywheel weight: 12 kg Loading system: electromagnetic Load levels: 32 Dimensions: 98 x 53 x 135 cm Vertical landing
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Exercise bike video review Orlauf Echo
taken into account all

Orlauf Echo — a vertical exercise bike that takes into account everything for effective training. The model has a very heavy flywheel, its weight — 12 kg. This is one of the best indicators among home exercise bikes. Due to the heavy flywheel, the movement of the pedals is very smooth, and the maximum load high.

The loading system is electromagnetic, the simulator must be connected to the network. Provided 32 level loads.

One of the advantages Orlauf Echo — the model is suitable for almost all users. At the simulator large maximum weight — 150 kg.

The seat is adjustable both vertically and horizontally, as well as there is a circular steering wheel adjustment.

There are adjustable straps on the pedals, the sole of the pedals is grooved. All this guarantees secure foot fixation during training.

Orlauf Echo we decided to release it in two colors — black and white. Thanks to this solution trainer it will fit into any interior.

Reliable and silent

Since the exercise bike is designed for home training, it was important for us to achieve its silent operation and high reliability. And we did it!

We have installed a V-shaped drive belt that lasts longer and does not squeal when working.

Also, the pedal assembly required a lot of attention. In Orlauf Echo it is three-component that guarantees its durability.

Exercise bike pedals Orlauf Echo
Comfortable training

The wide and soft seat is great for comfortable long-term workouts.

The angle of the steering wheel can be adjusted to any height and style of training.

Echo it is designed so that it is convenient to sit on it. To do this, between the steering rack and the flywheel has space, that is, the user does not have to throw his leg over the frame.

Diverse training
Diverse training

An extended software package is installed, which includes 24 training . The more programs, the more the training process can be more diverse. This means that classes will not become a routine and achieve results. it will be easier.

To track the dynamics of training, there is a fat analyzer. It calculates the percentage of adipose tissue in the body.

You can connect a wireless cardiopyas to the simulator (sold separately). It is indispensable for accurate pulse reading and effective pulse-dependent training.

Exercise Bike Setup Console  Orlauf Echo
look from all sides

Hold the cursor / touch on any area 3D-take a photo and move it to any side to view the product from all sides using the module Rundblick-360°.

Technical specifications
Max user weight
150 kg
Loading system
Flywheel weight
12 kg
Number of load levels
Number of training programs
Tilt steering wheel adjustments
Vertical seat adjustment
Horizontal seat adjustment
Pedal assembly
three - component
Additional functions
Floor unevenness compensators
Transport rollers
Dimensions in working condition
97 cm
52 cm
144 cm
Dimensions of the shipping package
107 x 65 x 29 cm
Net weight
36 kg
Gross weight
40 kg
24 month.
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