Orlauf Solo M

color: BLACK
descr: Elliptical trainer with reinforced frame and heavy flywheel
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Technical specifications
Maximum weight: 140 kg Flywheel weight: 12 kg Loading system: magnetic Load levels: 8 Step Length: 45 cm Rear-wheel drive
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Video review of the elliptical simulator Orlauf Solo M
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Orlauf Solo M — magnetic elliptical simulator designed for low and medium intensity training. The ellipsoid is suitable for users with a weight of up to 140 kg, and also for him there are practically no restrictions on growth.

Orlauf Solo M deservedly considered a reliable and effective simulator. It has a reinforced frame, reliable pedal assembly and heavy flywheel. All this guarantees a comfortable workout with excellent results.

Flywheel weight — 12 kg. This is an excellent indicator for home exercise equipment.

The heavy flywheel is responsible for a large maximum load and high smoothness of the pedals without dips and jerks in motion. Provided 8 levels loads.

Thanks to the magnetic loading system, the ellipsoid does not need to be connected to the mains. Therefore, you can put it in any convenient place. In summer, in dry weather — even on the balcony.

Comfortable handles

Unlike many competitors, in Orlauf Solo M long movable handrails. Thanks to this, for high the correct biomechanics is preserved for users: they won't have to put their hands down.

Movable and static handles have a soft braid. On the fixed handles there are touch - sensitive cardio sensors to track your pulse during a workout.

Long ellipsoid handles Orlauf Solo M
Thoughtful pedals

Enlarged pedals with anti-slip tread are installed. Users with different simplicity and style they will find a comfortable foot position for themselves.

The position of the pedals can be adjusted closer to the handrails or further about them. The function will allow you to individually adjust the simulator to your height and preferences.

The three-component disc pedal assembly is responsible for high reliability. This is important for the simulator, designed for heavy loads and high intensity training.

Ellipsoid step length — 45 cm. This is a good indicator, the step length is enough for free movements. Distance between pedals — 20 cm.

Simple management
Simple management

The simulator has simple controls that everyone can figure out. One of the advantages of the model is that it is not you need to connect to the network, and the console runs on batteries.

The load of the simulator is changed with the help of a special lamb on the steering rack. Provided 8 levels loads for training of different intensity. At the same time thanks to the heavy flywheel perfect smoothness pedal movements are saved at the selected level.

Elliptical Simulator drop system Orlauf Solo M
look from all sides

Hold the cursor / touch on any area 3D-take a photo and move it to any side to view the product from all sides using the module Rundblick-360°.

Technical specifications
Max user weight
140 kg
Loading system
Flywheel weight
12 kg
Number of load levels
Pedal assembly
three - component
Step Length
45 cm
Distance between pedals
20 cm
Pulse measurement
touch sensors
Additional functions
Floor unevenness compensators
Transport rollers
Dimensions of the simulator
121 cm
71 cm
165 cm
Length with pedal departure
136 cm
Dimensions of the shipping package
118 x 39 x 65 cm
Net weight
47 kg
Gross weight
53 kg
24 month.
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