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Orlauf Waldo

Recommended retail price: 330 €
A flat treadmill without handrails for low-intensity workouts. It takes up almost no space, suitable for any apartment.
User weigth
1,5 PS
Engine power
6 km/h
Max. speed
102 cm 38 cm
Running Belt Dimensions
10 cm

Stylish flat treadmill to keep fit

Orlauf Waldo front view
Orlauf Waldois the most compact treadmill in the range. It is a stylish minimalist model for maintaining physical activity. The Waldo does not have a handrail, it consists only of a running belt. The model occupies a minimum of space, it can be stored under the sofa or, for example, behind the wardrobe.

The maximum speed of the treadmill is 6 km/h, it is designed for walking of various intensity. The maximum user weight for Waldo is 90 kg.

The treadmill has rubberized legs and feet for added cushioning and floor protection. Flat elastomers and an 11 mm thick deck also dampen the shock load.
Orlauf Waldo front view
Waldo Main Features
Waldo Specification

Waldo Main Features

Orlauf Waldo Drive

Starkvoll Drive 1,5HP Power

Orlauf Waldo Drive
Starkvoll engine represented in the second revision. It has minor modifications focused on improved reliability.

The result is a highly reliable motor with a good power reserve, which ensures smooth movement of the running belt at any speed and load.

Almost invisible treadmill

Orlauf Waldo thickness and weight
Orlauf Waldo is only 10 cm thick. This is the minimum thickness of a home treadmill. Waldo occupies very little space and is perfect for small apartments.

Its weight is only 17 kg, so any user can easily move it.
Orlauf Waldo thickness and weight
Orlauf Waldo quality and size of the running belt

The most comfortable workout

Orlauf Waldo quality and size of the running belt
The size of the running belt is 102x38 cm. This is a basic size that is suitable for low-intensity workouts. The thick multi-layer running belt provides extra cushioning during your workout.

The running belt has an anti-slip pattern that provides excellent grip with sneakers.

Computer and ontrol

Orlauf Waldo Computer and ontrol
The treadmill is controlled remotely from a small remote control that is comfortable to hold in your hand during training.

A bright, backlit display that shows workout metrics is located on the motor guard. The screen displays the time of the workout, the distance traveled and the calories burned.
Orlauf Waldo Computer and ontrol

Waldo Specification

Max. user weight
90 kg
Starkvoll 1,5 HP
Running Belt Dimensions
102 x 38 cm
Running belt material
Brillant ultra-adhesive, anti-slip tread pattern
Speed Range
0,8 6 km/h
Cushioning system
Flat elastomers
Number of training programs
Heart Rate Sensor
125 cm
50 cm
10 cm
Nett weight
17 kg
Gross weight
21 kg
Shipping package dimensions
132 62 15 cm
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