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Orlauf Shrike

Orlauf Shrike

Recommended retail price: 440 €
The basic track. The main advantages are an affordable price and an ultra-compact folding system.
User weigth
1,5 PS
Engine power
12 km/h
Max. speed
110 cm 40 cm
Running Belt Dimensions
15 %
Tilt adjustment
56 cm

The Basic Orlauf 100% praxis. No excess.

Orlauf Shrike is a perfect choise if you need to stay fit. No extra feature would add value but left unclaimed. Compact and lightweight - it's a perfect option for daily light workouts at home.

The track is easy to use and it's interface is intuitive. It's simple design, durabe frame and minimum of electronic components ensures it's reliability.

The treadmill was designed for an avarage height user with the weight that not exceed 100 kgs. Orlauf Shrike is highly popular among older people.
Shrike Main Features

Shrike Main Features

Starkvoll Drive 1,5HP Power

Starkvoll engine represented in the second revision. It has minor modifications focused on improved reliability.

The kB modification if the programmed function of the deliberate power limits to 1.5HP. Although it's manufactured design power was considered to be 2.0HP, we have consciously lowered it with the sotfware device. A lot of power is useless for this tack, but with the help of artificial limiting we were able to archive extended engine life by 20%.

Safety first!

For the Shrike treadmill, we have chosen our own proprietary PlastiFeder cushioning system. It consists of 8 flat elastomers and provides excellent joint protection when walking or jogging.

The treadmill track is made of ultra-grippy and wear-resistant Brillant material with an anti-slip tread pattern. This allows to minimize the risk of slipping and injury during training .

Computer and ontrol

  • The console is intuitive, the screen displays all the necessary indicators, updated in real time
  • Control keys on the body and console are made in English, all inscriptions and indicators on the console are applied in a classic font
  • The software package contains 12 training modes and a fat analyzer

Smart folding system

For this treadmill we have developed a simple ultra-compact folding system. With its help the treadmill can be easily folded with one hand in just 20 seconds.

When folded, the track takes up a minimum of space: its length is only 56 centimeters. Its almost pocket-sized, even in a very limited space you wont bother about the storage.

The design includes transport rollers made of soft material to move the treadmill around the apartment or room easily. It wont leave scratches on every type of flooring.

Shrike Specification

Max. user weight
100 kg
Starkvoll kB, 2gen 1,5 HP
Running Belt Dimensions
110 x 40 cm
Running belt material
Brillant ultra-adhesive, anti-slip tread pattern
Speed Range
0,8 12 km/h
Cushioning system
PlastiFeder 8 flat elastomers
Tilt angle adjustment system
0 15%
Console with LCD display
Adapted language on the control panel keys
Number of training programs
12 approved by Humboldt University zu Berlin
Heart Rate Sensor
Dimensions when folded
56 m
65 cm
131 cm
Dimensions when unfolded
134 cm
65 cm
116 cm
Nett weight
28 kg
Gross weight
33 kg
Shipping package dimensions
140 64 24 cm
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