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Orlauf Raven

Recommended retail price: 1120 €
The basic track. The main advantages are an affordable price and an ultra-compact folding system.
User weigth
3,0 PS
Engine power
18 km/h
Max. speed
136 cm 52 cm
Running Belt Dimensions
15 %
Tilt adjustment
130 cm

Fast track to achieve goals

The Raven is a treadmill designed for medium to high intensity workouts. The model has a powerful engine, sophisticated damping system and an adjustable angle of inclination of the walking belt. All this will allow you to achieve any set goals.

Engine power 3 HP, maximum speed 18 km/h. The treadmill is suitable for users of any height up to 150 kg. The running belt is spacious, its size is 136x52 cm. Therefore, during training at maximum speed, you do not have to look at your feet. Cloth covering - anti-slip.

So that during intense training the joints and the spine do not have a large shock load, a complex shock absorption system has been developed, consisting of different elements. It is dispersed over the entire area of ​​the treadmill, but not too soft to eliminate the effect of running on the sand.

Since the track is large enough, it has 4 transport rollers.
Raven Main Features
Raven Specification

Raven Main Features

Reliable 3hp OberKraft engine

For the Raven , we have selected a motor that will withstand frequent intense workouts. Working power of 3 HP provides uniform movement of the treadmill with any load and at any speed.

This is a modified version of the engine, designed precisely for Raven. The motor has a reserve of power even at maximum load. Since it does not operate at peak power, we can guarantee that it will last for a long time.

Fittichcushioning and safety

The Fittich cushioning system includes 4 cylindrical elastomers, 6 springs under the running belt and two spring blocks in the legs. Also on the legs there are pads that not only shock absorb, but also protect the flooring from damage.

With thoughtful cushioning, intense workouts are safe for the joints and spine.

Computer, controls and capabilities

  • The software package contains 12 training modes and a fat analyzer
  • The console has built-in speakers, using an aux-cable (3.5 jack), they can be connected to a smartphone/tablet and enjoy your favorite music while exercising. Moreover, the playlist control keys are placed on the console separately!
  • Added a USB connector to the console to recharge your gadgets while you exercise
  • The handrails are equipped with duplicate hotkeys for speed and tilt control
  • It is possible to connect a wireless heart rate belt
  • Tilt angle electronically adjustable up to 15%

Milderund semi-automatic lubrication system

Milderund is an innovative engine and belt lubrication system. With it, regular treadmill maintenance takes only a few seconds and significantly extends the life of the treadmill.

With Milderund , you don't have to disassemble the treadmill and remove individual frame and body parts to maintain the treadmill. Simply use the filler neck located on the body to pour in grease, and the hydraulic system will then distribute it through the pipes to the moving parts of the track in need of care.

Electronic tilt adjustment

The Raven treadmill is equipped with an electronic incline control system. This means you can control the position of the treadmill right during your workout without interrupting it. Angle control is carried out using keys on the console and additional hot keys on the handrail.

The maximum possible angle of inclination is 15%, which allows you to significantly increase the load without changing the speed. In order to change the position of the deck during training without jerking and sudden movements, the rear of the track is equipped with heavy-duty and soft polyurethane wheels, with which the angle of inclination changes smoothly.

Raven Specification

Max. user weight
130 kg
OberKraft 3 HP
Running belt dimensions
136 x 52 cm
Running belt material
SchrittBind ultra-adhesive, anti-slip tread pattern
Running Belt Speed Range
1 18 km/h
Cushioning system
Fittich 4 cylindrical elastomers, 6 spring blocks and 2 large springs in the legs
Tilt angle adjustment system
Electronic, no workout interruption
Possible tilt position
0 15 %
Console with LED display
Number of training programs
12 approved by Humboldt University zu Berlin
Heart Rate Sensor
Heart rate sensors + Polar wireless receiver
USB connector for charging devices
Semi-automatic lubrication refueling Milderund
Dimensions when folded
127 cm
85 cm
140 cm
Dimensions when unfolded
180 cm
85 cm
140 cm
Nett weight
81 kg
Gross weight
96 kg
Shipping package dimensions
181 90 44 cm
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