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Orlauf Owl

Recommended retail price: 680 €
An ultra-compact treadmill with no unnecessary parts. An excellent solution for keeping fit for people of average height.
User weigth
2,5 PS
Engine power
12 km/h
Max. speed
126 cm 46 cm
Running Belt Dimensions
20 cm

Quality is in the details

The treadmill is only 20cm folded in height. The Owl is one of the most compact, yet has excellent cushioning and good performance. The model is designed for users of short and medium height with a weight of up to 130 kg. Suitable for walking and light jogging.

The track develops a speed of up to 12 km / h. At speeds up to 6 km / h, it can be practiced with the console down. At higher speeds, the console must be raised. There is a remote control, which is convenient to hold in your hand. It adjusts the speed, starts and stops the track. The Owl console is minimalistic with only one large button.

The size of the running belt is 126x45 cm. The belt with anti-slip tread is thick enough for additional cushioning. The depreciation system itself is very effective and reliable for its price segment.

The tilt angle in the treadmill is not adjustable, and heart rate sensors are not provided either.
Owl Main Features
Owl Specification

Owl Main Features

The model is available in two colors

We've released our popular ultra compact treadmill in two colors. Shades of dark and light silver are ideal for all interiors.

Choose your own version of Owl color and do not deny yourself anything!

Pansen cushioning and safety

Pansen cushioning consists of 6 spring blocks, 4 cylindrical elastomers and 2 pads, which are also the support of the machine. Additional cushioning is provided by a 16 mm deck and a multi-layer running belt.

The damping system is designed to relieve stress, and it does not contain redundant elements that could increase its cost.

Powerful 2.5 HP Machtvoll engine

The compact treadmill features a reliable, powerful motor that pulls the belt evenly at any speed. It ensures long and trouble-free operation of the simulator.

Since the compact model is limited to a small speed range, the engine still has a lot of power. This is another kind of quality assurance.

Milderund semi-automatic lubrication system

Milderund is an innovative engine and belt lubrication system. With it, regular treadmill maintenance takes only a few seconds and significantly extends the life of the treadmill.

With Milderund , you don't have to disassemble the treadmill and remove individual frame and body parts to maintain the treadmill. Simply use the filler neck located on the body to pour in grease, and the hydraulic system will then distribute it through the pipes to the moving parts of the track in need of care.

Ultra-compact folding system

When folded, the treadmill is only 20 cm high, which is one of the smallest figures. The folded track can be stored both horizontally and vertically.

When unfolding the treadmill, the stand with transport wheels folds up automatically. This helps to conserve construction as well as simplify handling of the track.

Owl Specification

Max. user weight
130 kg
Machtvoll 2,5 HP
Running belt dimensions
126 x 46 cm
Running belt material
SchrittBind ultra-adhesive, anti-slip tread pattern
Running Belt Speed Range
1 12 km/h
Cushioning system
Pansen 6 spring blocks, 4 cylindrical elastomers and 2 base cushions
Console with LED display
Milderund Semi-Automatic Grease Refill
Dimensions when folded
153 cm
76 cm
20 cm
Dimensions when unfolded
153 cm
76 cm
111 cm
Nett weigh
44 kg
Gross weight
50 kg
Shipping package dimensions
160 78 26 cm
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