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Orlauf Mantikor

Recommended retail price: 830 €
An affordable treadmill that has everything you need for effective home cardio workouts.
User weigth
2,25 PS
Engine power
14 km/h
Max. speed
125 cm 45 cm
Running Belt Dimensions
15 %
Tilt adjustment
97 cm

An effective treadmill without unnecessary functions

Photo of the Orlauf Mantikor treadmill - for mobile device users
Orlauf Mantikor Ч is a treadmill for medium intensity workouts. Its top speed is 14 km/h and it is perfect for walking and running. Maximum user weight - 130 kg.

The model has a running belt that is spacious for its purposes - 125x45 cm. Thanks to this, the user has complete freedom of movement when running. The running belt has an anti-slip pattern for a secure grip on running shoes.

For the safety of the joints and spine, the ZipperЩ shock absorption system of three types of elements is implemented. Dynamic cushioning of different stiffness effectively dampens the shock load in all parts of the running belt.

The incline function allows you to simulate walking uphill. The angle is changed electronically up to 15%, that is, using the buttons on the console.
Photo of the Orlauf Fitness Mantikor treadmill
Advantages and features of Mantikor
All characteristics of the treadmill

What can Mantikor boast about

Orlauf Fitness Mantikor Treadmill Engine

2.25 hp Kraftvoll engine.

Orlauf Fitness Mantikor Treadmill Engine
Kraftvoll Ч an optimal motor in terms of power and reliability, assembled and tuned exactly to the user characteristics of this particular track. Even at a minimum speed, it ensures uniform movement of the treadmill without jerks.

The maximum speed at which the engine is able to move the treadmill is 14 km/h.

Shock absorption system for safe running

Orlauf Fitness Mantikor Treadmill Cushioning System
The depreciation system ZipperЩ is designed to effectively extinguish the shock load. The system includes 6 cylindrical elastomers, 2 shock-absorbing pillows and spring blocks in the legs. An additional cushioning effect is provided by a thick running cloth and a durable soundboard.

Shock absorption removes excess load from the joints, while running remains comfortable.
Orlauf Fitness Mantikor Treadmill Cushioning System
Orlauf Fitness Mantikor Treadmill Console and Computer

Computer, management and capabilities

Orlauf Fitness Mantikor Treadmill Console and Computer
  • The management of the console is intuitive, all the necessary indicators are displayed on the screen, updated in real time
  • The control keys, all inscriptions and pointers on the console are Russified
  • The software package includes 15 training modes and a fat analyzer

Electronic tilt angle adjustment

–егулировка угла наклона полотна беговой дорожки Orlauf Fitness Mantikor
Mantikor equipped with an electronic tilt angle adjustment system. This means that you will be able to control the position of the treadmill right during the workout without interrupting it. The angle is changed using the keys on the console and additional hot keys on the handrail.

The maximum possible angle of inclination of the web is 15%, which allows you to significantly increase the load without changing the speed. In order to change the position of the soundboard during training without jerks, the back of the track is equipped with heavy-duty and soft polyurethane wheels.
–егулировка угла наклона полотна беговой дорожки Orlauf Fitness Mantikor

All characteristics of Mantikor

Max. user weight
130 kg
Kraftvoll Ц 2,25 HP
Running Belt Dimensions
125 x 45 cm
Running belt material
SchrittBindЩ Ц Ultra-tenacious, anti-slip tread pattern
Speed Range
0,8 Ч 14 км/ч
Cushioning system
ZipperЩ Ц 6 6 cylindrical elastomers and 2 shock-absorbing pillows
Tilt angle adjustment system
Electronic, without interruption of training
0 Ч 15 %
Console with LCD display
Adapted language on the control panel keys
Number of training programs
Heart Rate Sensor
Dimensions when folded
97 cm
72 cm
135 cm
Dimensions when unfolded
160 cm
72 cm
125 cm
Nett weight
51 kg
Gross weight
59 kg
Shipping package dimensions
173 х 76 х 30 cm
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