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Orlauf Kondor

Recommended retail price: 690 €
The model basis is simplicity, reliability and ergonomics. It is designed for light to medium intensity workouts.
User weigth
2 PS
Engine power
14 km/h
Max. speed
120 cm 42 cm
Running Belt Dimensions
4 %
Tilt adjustment
84 cm

Perfect solution to stay fit

Model Kondor the base treadmill with increased track path for safe training. It is designed for users of average height weighing up to 120 kg. Maximum treadmill speed - 14 km/h. The angle of inclination is changed manually in three positions, allowing you to increase the load during exercise.

Cushioning system is made up of 8 flat elastomers, which minimize the load on the joints and spine during the run. To measure the pulse sensor on the handrails provided Cardiosensor.

The software package contains the necessary set of programs designed for the most efficient use of the treadmills's capabilities.
Kondor Main Features

Kondor Main Features

Starkvoll Drive 2.0HP Power

StarkvollGen.2 - engine represented in the second revision. It has minor modifications focused on improved reliability.

Motor performance ensures a uniform movement of path at any speed - even at lowest one - while the other engines wont be efficient enough to provide a really smooth movement of the track.

Safety first!

For the Kondor treadmill, we have chosen our own proprietary PlastiFeder cushioning system. It consists of 8 flat elastomers and provides excellent joint protection when walking or jogging.

The treadmill track is made of ultra-grippy and wear-resistant Brillant material with an anti-slip tread pattern. This allows to minimize the risk of slipping and injury during training .

Computer and ontrol

  • The console is intuitive, the screen displays all the necessary indicators, updated in real time
  • Control keys on the body and console are made in English, all inscriptions and indicators on the console are applied in a classic font
  • The software package contains 12 training modes and a fat analyzer
  • The treadmill console has built-in speakers using aux-cable (3.5 jack); you can connect your phone / tablet and enjoy your favorite and energizing music during your workouts

Smart folding system

For this treadmill we have developed a simple ultra-compact folding system. With its help the treadmill can be easily folded with one hand in just 20 seconds.

When folded, the track takes a minimum space. Transport rollers are provided to move the treadmill.

Kondor Specification

Max. user weight
120 kg
Starkvoll, 2gen 2 HP
Running belt dimensions
120 x 42 cm
Running belt material
Brillant ltra-adhesive, anti-slip tread pattern
Speed Range
0,8 14 km/h
Cushioning system
PlastiFeder 8 flat elastomers
Tilt angle adjustment system
0, 2, 4 %
Console with LCD display
Adapted language of the control panel keys
Number of training programs
12 approved by Humboldt University zu Berlin
Heart Rate Sensor
AUX input and built-in speakers
Dimensions when folded
84 cm
66 cm
126 cm
Dimensions when unfolded
147 cm
66 cm
124 cm
Nett weight
38 kg
Gross weight
42 kg
Shipping package dimensions
150 68 24 cm
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