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Orlauf Hawk A

Recommended retail price: 1010 €
You want it - you get it! Hawk A is designed for comfortable training with constant medium and intense loads.
User weigth
2,5 PS
Engine power
18 km/h
Max. speed
130 cm 45 cm
Running Belt Dimensions
15 %
Tilt adjustment
118 cm

Model for active movement

Hawk A is designed for varied and intense cardio workouts. The spacious 130 x 45 cm treadmill allows you to work out comfortably even with large builds. The treadmill is designed for users weighing up to 140 kg and is capable of training at speeds up to 18 km / h.

The angle of inclination of the treadmill is electronically controlled and can be changed up to 15 % right during training. Reliable Schielder cushioning system, consisting of elastomers and shock-absorbing pads, is provided for safe use of the track.

Anatomical additional ProfiHalt handrails make workouts even more comfortable, and the Milderund system is responsible for the ease of maintenance of the treadmill. The Polar wireless heart rate belt can be connected during training.
Hawk A Main Features
Hawk A Specification

Hawk A Main Features

Machtvoll Drive 2,5HP Power

The main feature of the 2.5 hp Machtvoll drive - increased productivity with maintaining long-term reliability.

The drive ensures uniform movement of the walking belt at any speed. The speed limit with which the engine moves the belt is 18 km / h, which is enough for high-intensity workouts. The maximum weight of users who can train effectively on the track with this motor is 140 kg.

Schielder cushioning and safety

The Schielder cushioning system consists of 8 cylindrical elastomers and 4 cushioning pads. It effectively protects joints and the spine, even during fast running.

The treadmill track is made of ultra-grippy and wear-resistant SchrittBind material with an anti-slip tread pattern. This allows to minimize the risk of slipping and injury during training.

Computer, controls and capabilities

  • The console is intuitive, the screen displays all the necessary indicators, updated in real time
  • Control keys on the body and console are made in English, all inscriptions and indicators on the console are applied in a classic font
  • The software package contains 12 training modes and a fat analyzer
  • The treadmill console has built-in speakers using aux-cable (3.5 jack); you can connect your phone / tablet and enjoy your favorite and energizing music during your workouts
  • The handrails are equipped with duplicate hotkeys for speed control
  • Additional USB connector to recharge your gadgets during your workouts
  • Hawk A is equipped with additional handrails with cardiosensor and hot keys for speed control
  • Polar wireless heart rate belt connection

Milderund Semi-Automatic Lubrication System

Milderund is an innovative path lubrication system. With it, regular treadmill maintenance takes just a few seconds and significantly extends the life of the treadmill.

With the Milderund , you don't have to disassemble the treadmill and remove individual frame and body parts to maintain the treadmill. Simply use the filler neck located on the body to pour in grease, and the hydraulic system will then distribute it through the pipes to the moving parts of the track in need of care.

Even more comfort with additional ProfiHalt handrails

An addition to the main handrails, the Hawk series lane design includes additional short-stroke anatomical ProfiHalt handles. Their presence makes training even more comfortable, since it is much more convenient to hold them while walking or running.

Furthermore, additional ProfiHalt handrails are equipped with heart rate sensors and redundant belt speed control keys.

Electronic tilt adjustment

For the Hawk A we have chosen an electronic tilt adjustment system. This means that you can control the position of the treadmill right during your workout without interruption. Angle control is carried out using keys on the console and additional hot keys on the handrail.

The maximum possible angle of inclination of the web is 15 , which allows you to significantly increase the load without changing the speed. In order to change the position of the deck during training without jerking or sudden movements, the rear of the track is equipped with heavy-duty and soft polyurethane wheels with which the angle of inclination changes smoothly.

Hawk A Specification

Max. user weight
140 kg
Machtvoll 2,5 HP.
Running belt dimensions
130 x 45 cm
Running belt material
SchrittBind ultra-adhesive, anti-slip tread pattern
Running Belt Speed Range
0,8 18 km/h
Cushioning system
Schielder 8 flat elastomersand 4 shock absorbing pads
Tilt angle adjustment system
Electronic, no workout interruption
Possible tilt position
0 15 %
Console with LCD display
Adapted language of the control panel keys
Number of training programs
12 approved by Humboldt University zu Berlin
Heart Rate Sensor
Cardiosensor +Polar wireless receiver
Additional handrails
AUX input and built-in speakers
Audio Player Control
USB connector for charging devices
Semi-automatic lubrication refueling Verteidiger
Dimensions when folded
118 cm
76 cm
141 cm
Dimensions when unfolded
176 cm
76 cm
141 cm
Nett weight
60 kg
Gross weight
70 kg
Shipping package dimensions
181 82 136 cm
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